2020 - 2021 HR Price List

- Radio Irrigation Controllers

Solenoid valves are essential for the automation process of your irrigation system. If you’re having trouble connecting your cable to your valves, HR Products can gladly assist.

Our radio systems offer various line-of-sight (LoS) options, allowing you to rest assured in the knowledge that we will find the perfect system for your requirements.

Gator Budget Parallel Wireless System
  • Wireless control of irrigation valves, pumps, filters, etc. making it simple to fit to any new or to retrofit any previously hard wired irrigation control systems
  • Allows for modular system expansion as and when the budget allows
  • Robust tried and tested radio switching modules with 1 to 4 outputs that make use of 12VDC latching relays and solenoids and powered by long lasting Lithium batteries
  • An Eco-Friendly system using minimal copper wiring
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Gator G5 Receiver
  • Damage to equipment due to lightning strikes and voltage surges is less likely to occur
  • Radio transmission range up to 2kms from transmitter
  • Up to 4 stations can be operated by each receiver
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Integrated antennae
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Gator Point to Point Radio System
  • Point to point transmission range of up to 2 kilometres line of sight
  • Up to two inputs and two outputs per module allowing modules to be set as a receiver or as a transmitter
  • The units can be setup to operate in either a switching mode or pulsing mode depending on applications requirements
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