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Gator Budget Parallel Wireless System
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The Gator Budget Parallel wireless irrigation control system can be interfaced with most standard irrigation controllers on the market. The Gator system can be either newly installed or retrofitted to any existing irrigation system. Which ever irrigation controller is used, it would simply be linked to the Gator radio transmitter via one or more interface input module/s. The interface input module/s will convert the outputs normally generated by the irrigation controller to control: valves, pumps and other devices, into a unique radio signal which will be broadcast via a Gator radio transmitter. Our Gator radio field switching modules will recognise the coded radio signal and activate or deactivate the attached device/s such as an irrigation valves, pumps, filters, etc.

  • Wireless control of irrigation valves, pumps, filters, etc. making it simple to fit to any new or to retrofit any previously hard wired irrigation control systems
  • Allows for modular system expansion as and when the budget allows
  • Robust tried and tested radio switching modules with 1 to 4 outputs that make use of 12VDC latching relays and solenoids and powered by long lasting Lithium batteries
  • An Eco-Friendly system using minimal copper wiring
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