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Dorot Plastic Air Valve

CODE DAVPBSP1A DAVPBSP2KA Trapped air in a pressurized pipeline can have serious effects on system operation and efficiency. As air pockets accumulate at high points, this reduces the effective cross section of the pipeline in their location, decreasing the water flow and increasing energy consumption required to pump the water through, reducing the overall system efficiency. Read More
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Kinetic Air Releif Valve

Code : AIRVALVE OPERATION The airvalve incorporates two seperate seals. During system filling and drainage the larger seal opens to allow large air flow rates (Kinetic Mode). During system operation the smaller seal opens as air accumulates in the valve to continuously purge the system of air (Continuous Mode). A triangular orifice and a low density float provide sealing at pressures as low as 89kPa. Read More
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