2020 - 2021 HR Price List

- Decoder Irrigation Controllers

This is ideal for our clients who have long cable runs or who perhaps would like to extend their irrigation system in the future.

In addition to decoders, we also stock supporting products such as remote controls and surge guards.

Decoder Cable 2 Wire Path
  • Soft drawn bare copper single strand to AS/NZS1125
  • Polypropylene insulation, meets AS:2070
  • UV stabilized insulation
  • Twisted lay every 100mm (helps reduce surge travel down cable path)
  • Sheath colour RED or BLUE
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Paige Decoder Switch 270DCSD/3
  • Water tight – installed in valve boxes for ease of access
  • O Ring Seal – Provides a waterproof capsule
  • ACME threads – minimizes binding of threads due to soil
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Novo 32 Station 2 Wire Decoder

Code : W-NOV-U-230-TW-TK-DEC-1

The Underhill novo 32 station, 2 wire control system is idela for retro fitting to an existing controller or added more valves by just adding/using 2 existing wires.

  • Easily adapts to any multi-wire irrigation controller
  • Bold backlit graphic display
  • Built-in electrical diagnostics/faults finding
  • LightTouch™ button control
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