Senninger Pivot

    Senninger iWob2


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    Outstanding Uniformity and gentle rain-like application.

    Produced in 1978, the Senninger i-Wob is the most imitated sprinkler in the industry, which means others know the proven value of Wobbler® technology. It provides the most uniform water application ever tested. The combination of a rotating grooved deflector with wobbling action delivers a consistent droplet size over a large area of coverage at low pressure. The i-Wob2’s low application intensity, unmatched uniformity, and large area of coverage has made it a leading product in helping growers irrigate more efficiently in over 85 countries worldwide. Senninger has improved on the i-Wob® design with the next generation i-Wob2. Featuring a protective shroud that doubles as a nozzle carrier, the i-Wob2 is capable of better withstanding harsh operating conditions.