Tavlit Adir TS Semi-Automatic Screen Filter
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TAVLIT offers semi-automatic screen filters, models TS, for easy effective filtration. The plastic filters are designed for long life and service in hard conditions and include a strong INOX 316 screen mesh. During operation water enters the filter and dirt is accumulated on the inner surface of the screen and clean water is supplied to the field. When the filter is dirty as shown by the head-loss indicator, the user performs a flushing cycle by opening the drain valve and rotating the handle – Opening the drain valve creates low pressure in the suction nozzles and dirt is sucked from the screen to the nozzles. The rotation of the handle moves the suction nozzles on the entire screen area and remove all the accumulated dirt off the screen – debris is flushed through the drain port out of the filter. During the flushing cycle water flow to the field is uninterrupted

  • Available sizes: 50mm & 80mm
  • Max working pressure: 10 bar
  • Minimum flushing pressure: 2 bar
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