- Cable Locators

Ever had a problem looking for broken wires or hidden solenoid valves, then this range will allow for to complete these tasks with ease and confidence.

Armada Ground Fault Locator
  • Locates buried ground faults on cable
  • Dual Hi / Lo power capability
  • Audible “ON” beeper
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Paige Decoder Switch 270DCSD/3
  • Water tight – installed in valve boxes for ease of access
  • O Ring Seal – Provides a waterproof capsule
  • ACME threads – minimizes binding of threads due to soil
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Solenoid Valve Locator SS2002
  • Simple to use
  • One person operation
  • Low Cost
  • Locate coils up to 500mm in depth
  • Compact design
  • One year warranty
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