2020 - 2021 HR Price List

- Pop-Up Sprinklers

Our Hunter sprinkler heads are the perfect addition to any residential garden or small commercial property.

These common systems come in stationary spray and rotating head options, both of which are attached with a nozzle. This can be adjusted from a full arc, a half circle, or a quarter circle, depending on the landscape of the area that they will be fitted in.

These lawn sprinklers are buried in the ground, making them functional without taking away from the existing aesthetic of the landscape.

If you’ve been searching for the best pop up sprinklers for lawns, then look no further than HR Products.

Orbit 5432X Pop Up Sprinkler
  • Tapered wiper seal for bow-by resistance and smooth retraction
  • Strengthened cap
  • Strong retraction spring
  • Replaceable female nozzle - compatible with most female nozzles manufactures
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  • Full circle, three quarter circle, half circle and quarter circle nozzles available
  • Radius adjustement at top of nozzle using small flat head screwdriver
  • Ratcheting pop up stem allows for easy set up of spray away from roads and paths
  • Wiper seal ensures reliable pop up action
  • Nozzle filter with easy access through the top of pop up stem
  • Stainless steel spring
  • U.V. Resistant
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Hunter Specialty SXXX Nozzles

Code : SXXX

To accommodate the needs of narrow planting areas and other niche irrigating situations, Hunter offers a variety of specialty nozzles. Specialty models include center and end stripped, corner and side stripped, short radius, and multi-stream. This variety allows the system designer to incorporate a reliable, wind-resistant spray solution where traditional fixed or adjustable nozzles can’t get the job done. Built with the same durable construction and materials as all other Hunter Products, Hunter Specialty Nozzles were designed to ensure quality coverage and optimum pattern distribution in challenging situations.

  • Heavy-duty body and cap construction
  • Pressure activated, multi-function, no flow-by wiper seal
  • Compatible with all female threaded nozzles
  • Optional factory-installed drain check valve for up to 10 feet elevation change
  • Ratcheting riser for quick arc alignment
  • Heavy-duty spring
  • Innovative “pull-ring” flush plug design
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