- Impact Brass Rotor

Our brass sprinklers are both durable and contemporary, while our plastic impact sprinklers are a great cost-effective option.

Impact Sprinkler
  • 96267 - Plastic Impact on a Zinc Spike
  • 96467 - Zinc Impact Sprinkler on a heavy duty step spike
  • 96667 - Zinc Impact Sprinkler on a tripod
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Impact Sprinkler
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Code : Irripod

Irripod Plus is a flexible, cost effective pipeline sprinkler irrigation system for pasture and forage crops.

Designed to operate at low pressure Irripod Plus distributes water on a slow absorption rate over a 12-24-hour period. This allows for effective absorption into the soil whilst eliminating pooling and run off. The system only requires movement once per 12-24 hour period.

Irripod Plus is a component system that is simple to install and manage. The system utilises protective Pod Skid covers over sprinklers that are attached to an irrigation pipeline. Irripod Plus can be configured to suit individual requirements dependant on application rates, the distance to be irrigated and the rotation intervals appropriate for the situation. Each Irripod irrigation line can be customised to suit varying paddock sizes and shapes while also accommodating existing obstructions.


  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Simple Technology
  • Efficient Water Application
  • Versatile
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