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What is considered the ‘best quality sprinkler’?

If you’re looking to buy wholesale sprinklers in Australia, you need to make sure the sprinkler system can handle all pressures and is fitted with durable connections and heads. (At HR Products, our sprinkler systems meet all these standards and then some. Contact us today and browse our extensive product range.

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We have the widest range of irrigation systems, valves and sprinkler timers from leading brands including Hunter sprinkler systems, Orbit, Vyrsa, Antelco, Komet, Ein Dor, Irripod and Senninger as well as our own HR Products brand.

As one of the leading water sprinkler and sprinkler fitting suppliers, we stock water efficient brands and fittings in the following categories:


The most widely used types of sprinkler in many irrigation systems, pop up sprinkler systems are typically used for residential and small commercial irrigation sprinkler systems. There are two types of pop-up heads – stationary sprays and rotating heads called ‘rotors’. Pop-up spray heads are designed to supply a continuous stream of water and are fitted with a nozzle.

Nozzles are available in a variety of spray patterns to suit the contours of the landscape including full arc, half circle or quarter circle. Manufacturers are continually improving pop-ups with features such as matched precipitation rates, adjustable and low trajectory nozzles and nozzles for square spacing and strips. These changes contribute to the efficiency of irrigation sprinkler systems.

We stock Hunter sprinkler heads (PS Ultra, Pro-Spray, PRS30 and PRS40) that allow the use of fixed arc and adjustable arc nozzles for use across a wide range of turf and home watering systems.

Impact rotors

Impact rotors provide single or multiple streams of water to the landscape and distribute water in an arc pattern typically ranging from 40 to 360 degrees. They are designed to cover larger areas than pop-up spray heads.


Gear-driven rotors are one of the most commonly used heads for medium to large-scale irrigation systems.

Hunter’s range of gear driven irrigation sprinklers and systems includes the PGJ, SRM, PGP, PGP ULTRA, I-20, I-25, I-35, I-40, I-60, I-90 and ST System.

Specialist applications

These garden sprinkler systems are used in mining and industrial applications. Mining companies use the specialised irrigation sprinkler systems, essentially high-tech water guns, during leach mining. These units are built for strength and durability using high-impact engineering-grade thermoplastics.

Our complete systems including sprinkler timers, controllers and solenoid sprinkler valves that provide water-saving accuracy for designers and installers. Our garden sprinklers undergo regular design improvements to create innovative systems and valves. Our sprinkler timers have seen increased durability and decreased overspray, runoff and wind dispersal.

We care about the environment and all our products promote Water-Wise strategies.

Contact us today to find out more about watering systems, sprinkler timers or any of our product lines.

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- Dripper
When you only want to apply small amounts of water.
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- Gear Drive
The most popular sprinkler range with silent operation.
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- Impact Brass
Brass impact sprinkler for small, medium and large lawn areas.
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- Impact Plastic
Used for small to medium lawn areas.
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- Low Pressure
Only have a low pressure water supply then, this range of sprinklers are designed for your site.
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- Misting
Looking for that cooling effect for plants and animals, maybe even yourself?
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- Pop-UP
Looking to hide your sprinklers in your lawn area, pop-up sprinklers are the way to go.  Ranging from 50mm through to 150mm in pop-up height and a huge range of distance and flows, you will certainly find what you are looking for.
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Recycled Water
Used for when you need to irrigate with water that has been treated from biotanks and the like.
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