2020 - 2021 HR Price List

- Soil

These sensors are placed in the ground and react to the moisture that has been removed by the root mass. this best way to control your irrigation system.

Irrometer Watermark Digital Meter (WDM)
  • Simple to use.
  • Large LCD display is easy to use and has self test function
  • Quick release cable assembly is field changeable
  • Adjustable for soil temperature variations
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Irrometer 975 IRROMesh Wireless System
  • No Batteries Required - Simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Self-Initializing – Nodes power up and associate themselves
  • Self-Routing – Nodes route communication for maximum efficiency
  • Self-Healing – Nodes will re-route in case of network obstructions
  • Web Based Data – Store and analyse data over the Internet
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Hunter Soil-Clik


Hunter Soil-Clik Moisture Sensor
Shuts down irrigation when desired moisture level has been reached, preventing water waste. Soil-Clik has two components which are a moisture sensing probe that is buried in soil and an electronic module which communicates with the probe and controller. Easy push button operation allows adjustments to the desired moisture level with an immediate update of actual measurements.The module attaches to Hunter AC controllers and most other makes of AC control.

  • Measures soil moisture and prevents unnecessary irrigation
  • Simple installation, push button operation
  • Use with any Hunter AC powered controller and most other brands
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