2020 - 2021 HR Price List

- Multi Core

Used when you want to keep all your cables in a single sheath for protection.

Decoder Cable 2 Wire Path
  • Soft drawn bare copper single strand to AS/NZS1125
  • Polypropylene insulation, meets AS:2070
  • UV stabilized insulation
  • Twisted lay every 100mm (helps reduce surge travel down cable path)
  • Sheath colour RED or BLUE
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Multicore Solenoid Cable
  • Multi strand plain copper Conductor to AS1125
  • PP UV stabilized insulation
  • Lead free PVC V90 outer sheath to AS/NZS 3808:2000
  • Sheath colour RED
  • Multi Strand Wire mm - 0.5mm² - 6.0mm²
  • Spool length - 50metres, 150 metres and 500 metres
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