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Orbit B-Hyve Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller – Indoor/Outdoor
Gen 2 - bhyve Wifi Timer_half open_042518
Gen 2 – bhyve Wifi Timer_half open_042518
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The Orbit B-Hyve Wi-Fi sprinkler timer allows the user to water smarter and make watering decisions based on the needs of the home
garden. Orbit B-Hyve controller combines easy programming and remote programming using the home Wi-Fi. Users can remotely access and program their controller from their IOS (Apple) or Android mobile application at no charge. Programming can also be carried out at the controller allowing dual functionality. Orbit B-Hyve can be set to adjust watering based on local weather using your postcode making sure you minimize water waste due to rain and delivering the correct water volumes to your lawn and plants.

This system uses weather information from your area to determine and implement your watering requirements while still conforming to all Water Corporation regulations.

The Orbit B-Hyve has so many features so we have developed a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions – please click this link

If you encounter problems with the connection of the timer to your WiFi  these helpful tips will help – Please click this link

  • 4 Program
  • 4 statrt times per program
  • 1-240 minute run time per station
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