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    3M Marker Balls

    For use in commercial irrigation projects to connect decoders to two wire cable path and utility trailer lines.


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    Code : 1401-XR

    The 3M™ Ball Marker makes the job of precisely locating underground facilities easier. Other buried markers can be disturbed by backfill dirt or installed improperly so they don’t stay positioned correctly. The 3M ball marker’s unique self-levelling design ensures the marker is always in an accurate, horizontal position regardless of how it is placed into the ground.
    The addition of the new 3M-iD markers provides additional functionality by enabling facility data to be stored in the marker to ensure positive identification of facilities. The pre-programmed unique serial number integrates with back office mapping and GIS systems when used for mapping new and legacy assets and points of special interest for construction and maintenance applications.

    The ball marker is buried over key facilities during construction or maintenance. Later, the marker is easily and accurately located using a 3M™ Dynatel™ Locator. The locator transmits a signal to the buried marker. The marker returns the signal to the locator, indicating the marker’s exact position. The compact electronic locator gives both a visual reading and an audible tone.

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