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HR-SOAKER7.5 – Soaker Hose
• Perfect for watering garden beds, lawns and nature strips
• Can be used as either a sprinkler, which provides rain-like coverage, or a soaker for deeper watering
• Includes a snap-on connector and adaptor to connect easily to any standard tap
• Hard wearing UV treated construction

HR96019 – Weeper Hose
• Full length, slow and steady fl ow watering
• Ideal for gardens, fl owerbeds, closely planted areas
• Consistent watering along the entire length
• Made from 65% recycled tyres
• Quality brass hose connections
• For outdoor use with cold water only

Coil Hose
• Turret nozzle includes 6 patterns for individual watering needs
• Coil hose quickly deploys for all outdoor watering uses
• Returns to original shape for convenient storage
• Available in 2 lengths – 7.5m and 15.2m
• Cold water use only

  • HR-SOAKER7.5M - Soaker hose perfect for watering garden beds, lawn and nature strips
  • HR96019 - Weeper hose, full length, slow and steady flow watering
  • HRCOILHOSE7.5M - Coil hose includes 6 pattern for individual watering needs
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