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Hunter X2 WiFi Capable Irrigation Controller
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The X2 controller continues the legacy set by the popular X-Core™ with the same set of reliable and highly efficient capabilities but brings irrigation management into the next generation by providing the option to add advanced water-saving features using Hunter’s industry-leading wireless Hydrawise® technology.
With X2, you can keep the familiar dial-based programming style offered by X-Core. If you choose to upgrade to cloud-based Hydrawise management, programming is familiar, fast, and easy thanks to a helpful setup wizard using a smartphone or desktop device. Hydrawise maximizes water savings by automatically adjusting irrigation schedules based on local weather measurements sourced from the internet.

  • 4-, 6-, 8-, or 14-station fixed controller
  • Wi-Fi capable managed by Hydrawise software
  • Backlit display provides optimal visibility in any setting
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