2019-2020 HR Price List

- Pressure Regulating

Hunter Accusync


Regulating pressure saves water and extends the life of the irrigation system. Saving water is achieved through regulation by operating each zone at the optimal pressure for that equipment and application type. Accu-Sync is a simple pressure regulator designed to be compatible with all of Hunter’s control valves. The adjustable model enables the zone pressure to be set anywhere between 1.5 and 7 bar (150 to 700 kPa), while fixed models remove the guesswork and can be installed throughout any system easily. From a reliability standpoint, Accu-Sync is unparalleled. Glass-filled nylon construction makes the Accu-Sync strong enough to handle the rigors of any project. No matter which model you choose, all zones stay in tune with Accu-Sync.

  • Consistent pressure regulation means no more wasted water.
  • Regulate pressure at the valve instead of individual sprinkler heads
  • No tools are needed for the fastest installation in the industry
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