2018-2019 HR Price List

- Pressure Regulating

Gator Hydraulic Control Valves
  • Sound hydraulic flow dynamics resulting in quiet and smooth water flow during operation
  • Minimum head loss and low pressure required to operate the valve
  • Cast iron body construction with heavy epoxy coating for durable outside installations, above and below ground
  • Wide range of operating functions using pilots and control modules
  • Flow control available on 25mm > 100mm sizes
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25mm HydroRain Valve and Pressure Reducer

Code : HRZ100MB-30

Hydro Rain – One piece irrigation valve
HRZ 100 stands in the market as the industry’s first “one piece” low-flow irrigation station valve, filter, and pressure regulator combination.

Designed for use in residential and commercial drip or micro watering systems.

  • One-piece construction—Combines a low-flow irrigation valve, a 200 mesh filter, and a pressure regulator.
  • Accessibility—“Jar-Top” valve and filter are easily maintained; no tools are required for service with no valve bonnet screws or bolts
  • Internal manual bleed—Operate HRZ 100 manually with no external bleed stream or use external bleed option for effective “blow out” during seasonal system shut-down.
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PMR-MF Senninger Medium Flow Pressure Regulator

Code : PMR-MF

The medium flow Pressure-Master Regulator is ideal for installations requiring mid range flows (7.6 – 76 lpm) including soild-set, drip or other low-volums irrigation systems as well as center pivot and other machanical-move irrigation systems.

  • Maintains a constant preset outlet pressure while handling varying inlet pressures
  • 100% water-tested for accuracy (no adjustments ever needed)
  • Very low hysteresis and friction losses
  • Maximum flow path resists plugging
  • Two-year warranty on materials, workmanship AND performance
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