2018-2019 HR Price List

- Dripper

When you only want to apply small amounts of water.

Deep Drip Watering Stake
  • Reduced surface water run off / erosion
  • Reduced surface evaporation
  • Reach “feeder-roots” faster for more effective watering
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Hunter PC Drippers

Code : HE-XX-25

Hunter pressure compensated drippers for use in all Landscape & Agricultural watering systems. Supplied in barbed or threaded inlet for easy installation into low density poly lines.

  • Slowly delivers water right to the plant
  • Available in three convenient styles
  • Pressure compensating from 1–3.5 bar
  • Flow labeled in imperial and metric units
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Optional diffuser cap available
  • Barbed emitters can be inserted into ½" (15mm) and ¼" (8mm) tubing without tools for fast installation
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Antelco Mini Bubbler Adjust, Flow

Code : Antelco-Mini-Bubbler-360

Gentle umbrella pattern. Flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap.

Street trees and shrubs. Flow rates allow for short watering times.

  • Finger-tip flow control with shut-off option
  • Spike model to anchor Mini Bubbler at the plant
  • Barb model for direct attachment to feeder and supply lines
  • Threaded model for installation into Rigid Risers and Asta® Stakes
  • 1/2” Threaded model for riser pipe installations
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