2020 - 2021 HR Price List

- Drip Irrigation

If you are in the agricultural trade or an avid gardener, our drip irrigation kits are for you.

As the name suggests, these systems provide a wetted strip to the roots of the plants or crops. This is different to a sprinkler hose that sprays the water across the area. Investing in drip irrigation systems results in less evaporation as the water is targeted at where it is needed the most.

In addition to high-quality sprinkler systems, HR Products also offers a range of timers and parts, allowing us to provide our clients with a comprehensive shopping experience.

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Deep Drip Watering Stake
  • Reduced surface water run off / erosion
  • Reduced surface evaporation
  • Reach “feeder-roots” faster for more effective watering
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Hunter PC Drippers

Code : HE-XX-25

Hunter pressure compensated drippers for use in all Landscape & Agricultural watering systems. Supplied in barbed or threaded inlet for easy installation into low density poly lines.

  • Slowly delivers water right to the plant
  • Available in three convenient styles
  • Pressure compensating from 1–3.5 bar
  • Flow labeled in imperial and metric units
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Optional diffuser cap available
  • Barbed emitters can be inserted into ½" (15mm) and ¼" (8mm) tubing without tools for fast installation
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Antelco Mini Bubbler Adjust, Flow

Code : Antelco-Mini-Bubbler-360

Gentle umbrella pattern. Flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap.

Street trees and shrubs. Flow rates allow for short watering times.

  • Finger-tip flow control with shut-off option
  • Spike model to anchor Mini Bubbler at the plant
  • Barb model for direct attachment to feeder and supply lines
  • Threaded model for installation into Rigid Risers and Asta® Stakes
  • 1/2” Threaded model for riser pipe installations
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