2018-2019 HR Price List

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Gator Hydraulic Control Valves
  • Sound hydraulic flow dynamics resulting in quiet and smooth water flow during operation
  • Minimum head loss and low pressure required to operate the valve
  • Cast iron body construction with heavy epoxy coating for durable outside installations, above and below ground
  • Wide range of operating functions using pilots and control modules
  • Flow control available on 25mm > 100mm sizes
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Gator Point to Point Radio System
  • Point to point transmission range of up to 2 kilometres line of sight
  • Up to two inputs and two outputs per module allowing modules to be set as a receiver or as a transmitter
  • The units can be setup to operate in either a switching mode or pulsing mode depending on applications requirements
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Hansen Rapid-Flo Rain Relief Valve
  • Prevents dry tank syndrome
  • Supplement your rain water tank from an alternative water supply, once level reaches pre-set level
  • Dual level weighted float determines the tanks fill depth of either 50mm or 100mm
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