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Keep everything connected with our PVC, Poly Pipe fittings collection

Flexible PVC pipe is slowly replacing traditional pipe materials because of its versatility, affordability and its excellent track record. This is why PVC is great material for pipe fittings; it’s a safe, non-toxic and valuable resource. HR Products stocks a complete range of irrigation, poly pipe and PVC pipe fittings suitable for use above or below ground, in varying operating pressures and temperatures. Browse our extensive range and contact us today. Our friendly team is more than happy to help you.

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Our irrigation, poly pipe and PVC fittings are strong, lightweight, and compact. They are available in a variety of thread combinations and connections and are an important role in the performance and control of the fluid delivery and flow within a pipe system.

We distribute PVC and poly pipe fittings from leading brands, which have built a reputation for providing high performance, being easy to use, innovative and simple products that provide customers with the ‘best-installed value’ and warranty guarantees.

We stock Hansen, KBI, Tavlit, Antelco, and Alprene compression fittings.

Our easy fit poly pipe fittings range has the following features and benefits:

  • One-piece poly pipe fittings – No components to lose, rust or corrode
  • Fast and easy to assemble – Push the pipe onto the fitting and wind on the nut, there’s no o-ring, no crimping and no solvent cement.
  • Nut and barbs provide superior double strength grip – when joined correctly the pipe fittings will not blow off.
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised high-quality glass reinforced nylon giving a weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance
  • Material approved for use with potable (drinkable) water
  • Low installation costs – no specialist site equipment or specialist labour required
  • Poly pipe fittings demonstrate excellent hydraulic flow characteristics
  • Flexibility and versatility – in new and existing installations, saving time and money.

Connectors for every application

Connectors for our pipes and PVC fittings are available for a range of applications and include:

  • Threaded
  • Camlocks
  • Tapping saddles
  • Tank
  • Tap
  • Low density
  • Small bore
  • Compression
  • Metric
  • Rural
  • Manifold
  • Clamp

Find the right fit

So if you’re looking for some of our leading brands like Dura fittings or George Fischer pipe fittings, our team will provide expert advice.

Contact the friendly team at HR Products today to get more information about the features and benefits of our full range of fittings and connectors.

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+GF+ Automatic Electrofusion Unit MSA2.0 / MSA2.1

The +GF+ automatic electrofusion unit combines light weight and high efficiency, thanks to its inverter technology. The unit is extremely fast and simple, with three basic operations required to operator: connect, scan, start the fusion. The MSA 2.0 has 350 protocols while the MSA 2.1 has 1,000 protocols permanently stored in the internal memory. It is robust, safe and ergonomic. Read More
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Antelco In-Line Valve

Code : Antelco-In-Line-Valve On-off device to control the water flow in low pressure irrigation systems. Read More
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Dura Flexible PVC

Code : FRCXXX Dura flexible PVC pipe, designed to allow repair on broken irrigation pvc pipe networks. Read More
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Hydro Rain PVC-Lock

Code : PVC-LOCK HYDRO RAIN - PVC LOCK - SOLVENT FREE PVC FITTINGS PVC Lock is a push on fitting for installing PVC piped watering systems without toxic solvents and primers. Each PVC lock fitting contains a stainless steel retainer ring and O-Ring seal. Used in lateral pipes for landscape sprinkler watering systems outdoors. Pressure Test Speed Test Read More
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Tavlit Threaded Fitting

Code : Tavlit-Threaded High quality poly propylene fittings for irrigation connections Read More
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Hansen Compression Fittings

Code : HMDXXXX Complete range of Hansen compression fittings for PE pipe, sizes from 16mm through 110mm, complete with proven O-Ring seal for reliable leak free connection,easy grip nuts for fast winding into pipe.Manufactured to Australian standard AS/NZS 4129:2008 Read More
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Alprene Transitional Fittings

Code : Alprene-Transition Transition fitting from metal to plastic for all water pipe networks. Read More
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Alprene Metric Fittings

Code : Alprene-Metric Complete range of compression fittings allows assembly on metric polyethylene pipes. Disassembly not required for all sizes. All components work together smoothly to guarantee a reliable and efficient joint. Read More
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Alprene Rural Fittings

Code : Alprene-Rural Complete range of compression fittings allows assembly on rural polyethylene pipes. Disassembly not required for all sizes. All components work together smoothly to guarantee a reliable and efficient joint. Read More
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Easy LId Opener

Code : EASYLIDOPENER Suitable for most 240 litre wheelie bins to allow opening of the lid without using your hands. Read More
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Antelco Micro Fittings

Code : Antelco-Micro-Fittings Essential components in low pressure micro irrigation systems. Used in conjunction with standard low pressure tubing. Read More
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Gator Snap Tee

Code : GSTEE90-GSTEE100 If you’ve ever done any plumbing and cut a tee to an existing pipe (especially a buried pipe) you’ll know exactly what this tee is for. No longer do you need a major excavation, three or more fittings and an extra pipe, now you can simply dig a small hole, get the pipe ready, snap on a tee and the job’s complete. We’ve designed the Tee with a screw thread so you can fit it with an access cap, which makes it really useful in many applications. Read More
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Antelco Take-Off Fittings

Code : Antelco-Take-Off-Fittings Antelco Take-Off Fittings are an improved method of connecting lowpressure irrigation tubes and driplines to polyethylene tubes and PVC mainlines. Read More
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Antelco Tube Punch / Cutter

Code : 42355-42365 Antelco micro irrigation tube punch and tube cutter are ideal for punching holes and cutting low desity poly pipe. Read More
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Antelco Snap-On Fittings

Code : Antelco-Snap-On-Fittings A range of quick connect fittings specifically to adapt polyethylene irrigation tubes to snap-on fittings. Connect to tap adaptors, tap timers, manifold and multi outlet distributors. Read More
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Antelco Standard Barb Fittings

Code : Anteclo-Barb-Fittings A range of polypropylene fittings designed to control, disperse, slow and divert water through a low pressure irrigation system. Used in conjunction with low pressure poly tubing. Read More
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