2020 - 2021 HR Price List

- AC 240 Volt

Novo 32 Station 2 Wire Decoder

Code : W-NOV-U-230-TW-TK-DEC-1

The Underhill novo 32 station, 2 wire control system is idela for retro fitting to an existing controller or added more valves by just adding/using 2 existing wires.

  • Easily adapts to any multi-wire irrigation controller
  • Bold backlit graphic display
  • Built-in electrical diagnostics/faults finding
  • LightTouch™ button control
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Hydro Rain Dial Controller

Code : 96054-96057-96058-96059

Straightforward user – friendly irrigation controller combines simplicity of operation with feature rich flexibility. Controller is enclosed in an indoor / outdoor UL approved case complete with power cord.
All models offer three independent programs A,B and C with up to four start times per program.
The water budgeting feature allows users to set watering duration from 10 to 200 percent of the
programmed run time.Station advance will let users skip to the next station when watering and the large easy to read LCD display enhances programming.
  • Fast to Program - Large dial, oversized LCD display make programming quick and easy
  • Fast to Install - Factory installed plug in power cord means no infield transformer wiring is required.
  • Hinged Panel - Door allows quick and easy access to valve wiring (shown on back)
  • Water Budgeting - Match seasonal watering requirements by increasing or decreasing station water times from 10% - 200% of set run time
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Galcon 800248 Modular Controller

Code: 800248

Galcon’s AC 800248 is a modular irrigation system for landscape and agriculture watering systems. Supplied as a 8 station controller that can expand to 24 stations.
The controller has two methods of operation. Both options can run simultaneously on the same controller.
The first option allows for choosing three programs A, B, C. Each program can be set either according to days of the week or to a cycle. It can easily operate up to 24 valves.
The second option is the ability to program the controller to operate up to 24 valves, each with an independent program. The controller also incorporates fertigation and lighting functionalities.

  • Controls the operation of 1 to 24 valves
  • Modules install in easy to reach central compartment
  • Master valve / Pump Start / Lighting and Fertiliser terminals
  • Sensor input - prevents activation of stations (user can choose)
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