2017/8 HR Price List


Sprinkler Catch Cups
  • Fast Deployment and Takedown – installed and gathered quickly so you can get the job done quickly
  • Easy Readouts – Clear, injection-moulded plastic catch cans give an easy readout of each can
  • Durable plastic —UV protected plastic cups and stakes make for long-lasting catch cups that will withstand the pressures of professional use.
  • Expandability – Catch cups come in packs of 12 but can e easily be expanded to provide more accuracy.
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  • 58305 - Metal hose hanger
  • 58105 - Aluminium hose hanger
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  • HR-SOAKER7.5M - Soaker hose perfect for watering garden beds, lawn and nature strips
  • HR96019 - Weeper hose, full length, slow and steady flow watering
  • HRCOILHOSE7.5M - Coil hose includes 6 pattern for individual watering needs
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