2020 - 2021 HR Price List


Irrometer Watermark Digital Meter (WDM)
  • Simple to use.
  • Large LCD display is easy to use and has self test function
  • Quick release cable assembly is field changeable
  • Adjustable for soil temperature variations
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Irrometer 975 IRROMesh Wireless System
  • No Batteries Required - Simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Self-Initializing – Nodes power up and associate themselves
  • Self-Routing – Nodes route communication for maximum efficiency
  • Self-Healing – Nodes will re-route in case of network obstructions
  • Web Based Data – Store and analyse data over the Internet
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Irrometer Wireless Multiple Hydrozone

Code : W-MHS

The Wireless Multiple Hydrozone System (W-MHS) allows independent moisture control of valve groups when all valves share a common ground. The W-MHS interfaces with any 24 VAC irrigation controller for soil moisture automation. Valves are grouped together into hydrozones based on that location’s specific irrigation needs.

  • Easy to Install – new or retrofit
  • Individual area moisture control – reads, reports, adjusts
  • Multiple manual operation overrides
  • No maintenance
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