2019-2020 HR Price List

Hydro Rain

Hydro Rain Dial Controller

Code : 96054-96057-96058-96059

Straightforward user – friendly irrigation controller combines simplicity of operation with feature rich flexibility. Controller is enclosed in an indoor / outdoor UL approved case complete with power cord.
All models offer three independent programs A,B and C with up to four start times per program.
The water budgeting feature allows users to set watering duration from 10 to 200 percent of the
programmed run time.Station advance will let users skip to the next station when watering and the large easy to read LCD display enhances programming.
  • Fast to Program - Large dial, oversized LCD display make programming quick and easy
  • Fast to Install - Factory installed plug in power cord means no infield transformer wiring is required.
  • Hinged Panel - Door allows quick and easy access to valve wiring (shown on back)
  • Water Budgeting - Match seasonal watering requirements by increasing or decreasing station water times from 10% - 200% of set run time
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25mm HydroRain Valve and Pressure Reducer

Code : HRZ100MB-30

Hydro Rain – One piece irrigation valve
HRZ 100 stands in the market as the industry’s first “one piece” low-flow irrigation station valve, filter, and pressure regulator combination.

Designed for use in residential and commercial drip or micro watering systems.

  • One-piece construction—Combines a low-flow irrigation valve, a 200 mesh filter, and a pressure regulator.
  • Accessibility—“Jar-Top” valve and filter are easily maintained; no tools are required for service with no valve bonnet screws or bolts
  • Internal manual bleed—Operate HRZ 100 manually with no external bleed stream or use external bleed option for effective “blow out” during seasonal system shut-down.
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Hydro Rain Battery Operated Control

Code : HRC900

Hydro Rain – Battery Operated Controllers
Hydro Rains battery operated controller designed for use in watering systems when running wires is not an option. HRC 900 is durable enough to be installed below ground in a valve box providing reliable trouble free control. HRC 900’s plug-in controller programming pod allows the user the ability of removing the pod from its water tight housing for convenient programming.
Add up to four valves, a rain/freeze sensor, and/or solar power module. (sold seperately)

  • Battery Powered 3 x AA Alkaline batteries (included)
  • Two Independent Programs (A and B)
  • Out of The Box Programming
  • Dual A/B program with 3 start times per program
  • Water Budgeting
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