2018-2019 HR Price List


2017 Agricultural Sprinkler Booklet
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Ein Dor Mini Sprinkler

Code : 863X-Ein-Dor-Mini-Sprinkler

Ein Dor 863 series mini sprinklers, designed forirrigation of young trees, can be used in all landscape and home gardens.

  • Low flow rates down to 20 l/h
  • Anti Insect protection, swivel shuts down when system is off sealing the nozzle
  • Can be supplied with removeable jet converter
  • Jet converter provides large droplet size spread evenly on small diameter
  • Jet converter can be removed as tree grows
  • Uniform distribution
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Ein-Dor Flow Regulated Mini Sprinkler

Code : 861-0XX-862-0XX

The 560 Agridor flow Regulator provides a constant flow rate at a wide range of inlet pressures. It is self-cleaning, has a large water passage and an internal filter to protect against clogging. It can be connected to mini sprinkler models 861, 862 sprayers specially designed for use with the flow regulator.
The flow regulator determines the flow rate, not the connected emitter which is always of a higher flow rate.
• Slopes and difficult topographic conditions
• In systems with fluctuating pressures
• In systems with longer laterals or smaller diameter pipes.

  • Uniform flow rate regardless of inlet water pressure or topographical conditions
  • Self flushing during irrigation
  • Large water passage
  • Includes an integral filter
  • Operating pressure 150 - 400kPa
  • Easy maintenance. Any clogging can be rinsed away with a water jet from the other side
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