2020 - 2021 HR Price List


Dorot Plastic Air Valve
  • Operating pressure 20 – 1,600 KPA
  • Maximum water temp. for continuous operation: 60°C
  • Maximum water temp. for intermittent operation: 80°C
  • Structure materials: Cover/Base Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Internal parts: corrosion resistant, reinforced plastic materials and synthetic rubber
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Dorot 75 Series Plastic Hydraulic Valve

Code : D75

The direct-sealing diaphragm valves are operated by line pressure .The reinforced rubber diaphragm seals the water passage when line pressure reaches the valve’s control chamber. Relieving the pressure from the control chamber to the atmosphere or to downstream, causes the valve to open. The valve’s only moving component is its diaphragm; no shaft, seals, or bearings are located within the water passage. The valve is made of sturdy, high-quality materials. It is produced in a number of structurally different versions (throttling, built-in solenoid operator, etc), with a wide range of control functions (manual activation, pressure control, etc).

  • Structural simplicity
  • Superb hydraulic performance
  • Reliable control of corrosive liquids
  • Light-weight, cost-saving
  • Minimum maintenance - maximum dependability
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Dorot 25mm Solenoid Valve

Code : 775T410720

Dorot 25mm Control valve for home and commercial watering systems,Material GPR – Glass re-inforced polyamide,Globe pattern valve, 25mm with flow control,Fully supported diaphragm,Unique labyrinth inlet, helps prevent clogging,Internal bleed, manual overide

  • Material GPR - Glass re-inforced polyamide
  • Globe pattern valve, 25mm with flow control
  • Fully supported diaphragm
  • Durable corrosion free materials
  • Unique labyrinth inlet, helps prevent clogging
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