2016/7 HR Price List


Full range of gate, ball, stock, float and solenoid in both 24VAC and 12VDC.

- Ball
These high quality valves are design for a quick action 90 degree turn to either turn on or off. Available in brass stainless, pvc or poly materials.
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- Check
Need to staop water flowing back down the pipe, a check valve will do this!
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- Gate
Used for controlling water supply manually where you can adjust the amount of water to be discharged.
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- Pressure Regulating
- Quick Coupling
Used to connect sprinklers to underground pipes and removed for protection and vandals.
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- Solenoid
Used to automatically control your irrigation system when connected to your irrigation controller.
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- Trough
Need to control the level of water in your trough or tanks, then this range of valves is ideal for your applictaion.
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